/ 15 December 2004 /
Add photos from Petrogrind Fest. Total redesign of our own webtomb and uptading of all pages... Now, our crap crew are added to NOT LIKE MOST Records, and new sick CD "Pathomiosis" will be released in the ending of december!

/ 21 October 2004 /
CRYPTIC VOMIT visit PETROGRIND FEST #1! November, 19-20, St.-Petersburg, ARCTICA club (Beringa street, 38, "Primorskaya" subway station).
Bands list:
- INFERIA (Fin) - pure porno grind
- SLUGATHOR (Fin) - brutal death
- MENTAL DEMISE (Ukr) - smashing brutal death
- FLESHGORE (Ukr) - brutal death
- DIS-ASS-TER (Ukr) - goregrind
- ABNORMYNDEFFECT (Mol) - brutal death
- DISENTOMB (Mol) - gory brutal death
- SUFFERER (Bel) - brutal death
- POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER (Bel) - brutal death
- PERIALNIE KANDILOMY (Bel) - death/grind
- ABNORMAL (Rus/SPb) - technical brutal death
- MIND ECLIPSE (Rus/Yaroslavl) - brutal black/death
- I CUM BLOOD (Rus/Yaroslavl) - grindcore
- SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (Rus/Moscow) - brutal death
- EDUCATED SCUM (Rus/Moscow) - grindcore
- ANAL NOSOROG (Rus/Moscow) - goregrind
- CRYPTIC VOMIT (Rus/Kaliningrad) - bizarre goregrind
- ABORTED FETUS (Rus/Perm) - brutal death
- SORDID CLOT (Rus/Bryansk) - grindcore
For more info, visit pyrolagnia.ru,
or use this mail: pyro@front.ru.

/ 09 October 2004 /
Add info about 4-way split CD with Abnormal / Haemorr Drench / Morrah "Russian ManiaXXX". Updated pages of links, about and photos, there you may see our live pictures from concert on Kaliningrad In Rock '2004.

/ 17 May 2004 /
Chaos - is name of new CRYPTIC VOMIT member, who joined to us for increase of quality of forthcoming concerts. Now, our crap crew is trio, and in future we will play live shows! Cover of forthcoming album "Pathomiosis" is aviable in 'archive'. Updated design of this website, content and all pages. New photo session with new guitar player is aviable. Appear new section archive, where you may find interviews, reviews, mp3 files and more.

/ 19 April 2004 / New interview with Gore Gut on demogorgon.ru. You may check it here (russian language). This interview is coming soon in archive on this site.

/ 10 April 2004 /
Mp3 files "I Throw My Crap On Your Car" and "Ass-Hole Makes Stench" is aviable on realmusic.ru. You may check it here. Warning! This mp3 files only for citizens with CIS ip-adress. Uptated page of links and page of photos is aviable.

/ 05 April 2004 /
All pages are updated in information and design. Don't work only page of photos.

/ 13 March 2004] /
Pages of 'links' and 'about' are updated and complemented.

/ 21 February 2004 /
Site removed to crypticvomit.narod.ru and have new design. Full info about new mcd "XXXL Gore Ballads" is aviable now, mp3 files from this opus are coming soon. Page of photos is under construction, for all questions and offers, please mail to:goregut@bk.ru. Stay sick!
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