guitars, samples, prog

vocal, bass in studio


The band leads its chronology from June, 2000 when they appeared under the title Cryptic, when the formation was meant to be a studio project only. Thus from the very beginning the problems of finding a decent drummer were happily solved by using a drum-machine. Their first demo 'Sickness' can be characterized as noisegoregrind with terrible sound and schizophrenically savage material. This demo was not widely distributed and has a rather historical significance for the band. However, already in 2002 the band became known with their release of goregrind 'Bdelygmia'... Somewhere in the middle of 2003 Degradation Music becomes the official distributor of the CD. Due to the existence of a German band with the same name, the band in question changes its name to Cryptic Vomit. Towards the end of 2003, they recorded new material titled 'XXXL Gore Ballads' in their own studio, Goregutted Rec. This particular material showed a slight tendency towards gorecore and the wish to experiment, but within the limits of goregrind. Chaos, the second guitarist joins the band in May 2004 and they start rehearsing with him the new material. 3rd of September was marked by the release of a 4-way split CD 'Russian ManiaXXX' with Abnormal, Haemorr Drench and Morrah. It was released by Pyrolagnia Records. After such a remarkable history of development, it seemed natural to invite them to Petrogrind Fest #1... Towards the ending of 2004 crew added to Not Like Most Records and still sick and shitty... We are against all commercial scums and (fag)gothic hashheads! Only gore and brrrutal!

Line up: Necrophage - vox, bass; Gore Gut - guitar, prog; Chaos - guitar.

Discography: Sickness (2000, demo/tape), Bdelygmia (2002, demo/mcd), XXXL Gore Ballads (2003, demo/mcd), Russian ManiaXXX (2004, 4-way split CD/Pyrolagmia Rec.), Pathomiosis (2004, CD/Not Like Most Rec.).
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